Heather Edgley is a baroque pop and indie pop singer-songwriter known for her contemporary style and ethereal voice that captivates audiences with the vulnerability of her tone and lyrics. Her band's dreamy and melancholy indie rock sound combines cinematic instrumentation, emotion-driven melodies, and energized dynamics with thoughtfully crafted lyricism emboldened with wit and vulnerability.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she is a local Seattle artist who has been songwriting since the age of seven, is a self-taught pianist, and has been performing around the Seattle Music Scene for over five years. Drawing influences from Pop, Folk, Indie, Contemporary, and Classical music, her songs are crafted through a process of natural expression and careful thoughtfulness about the human experience, existentialism, life, love, death, and the struggles we encounter. Heather Edgley writes about the real, the raw, the beautiful, the ugly, the hopeful, and the despair we feel. She believes uninhibited

expression is the most genuine way to her listeners. Her songs reveal light-hearted commentaries on the human experience as well as the secrets of her soul. She writes of the sensitive topics we often don’t talk about in order to connect with her listeners on the deepest level, reminding us, even just for a moment, that we are not alone in our struggle, fight, or feelings.

"Heather Edgley is a dreamer and a doer, which may sound like an advertisement, but it’s true... She was very earnest in her performance, allowing her melodies to glide along with her soulful voice. The stories she shared took a deep dive through life themes of risk, love, loss, and perseverance."​


"The Ballast Bar is a great place to hear some good music, especially when one lives in a shoebox-sized apartment. It's the next best thing to hearing live music at a house show. Sarah and Heather were, as usual, awesome. Two very talented piano playing singer-songwriters."


“We heard a heavenly voice emanating from an Irish pub. It drew us in and we were enraptured by this young, talented beauty who was there performing.” 

- Sue Belmont of La Rive Gauche